Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thing 2: blog discovery

As part of the CPD23, it is necessary to go and visit different blogs.  When you go to Delicious and see all the blogs participating, it can be overwhelming, as there are now over 600 blogs registered!  In order to avoid being inundunated with untold blogs to follow, I've decided to set some restrictions.

Firstly I'm going to follow public librarians blogs, and then Australian blogs as well.  These both suit my situation at the moment.  I can also dip in and check out other blogs participating in CPD23 as the inclination suits me. 

Luckily a few of the blogs that are listed, I already follow, such as Whimsical Wanderings, Flight Path, Uber Libearian and  It is going to be interesting reading other people's thoughts and points of view, and hopefully, I should come away from this with a much richer knowledge of libraries.

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  1. And I follow you! Keen to read yr future posts :)